Snazzy Links

These are affilate links or bonus links for services I currently use, or for projects I have faith in and would like to share. For all transparency, with some of these links I get a kickback if you also enjoy them, so please be aware of that. I figured if I have a platform I may as well promote other projects I believe in!

Project 1: "Pi"

This project is cryptocurrency, and it is a currency that has no value yet, but is in Phase 2 at the time of writing. It is one of the only cryptocurrencies I personally see being sustainable in the long run, and I can see it being a huge success. Currently it is invite only, and you can get started with the link below. It is maintained by Stanford graduates, and professors, and it is fully transparent. It runs on your mobile device using no extra battery, and doesn't use a proof of work concept. I recommend looking into it here

To join my circle and get a free coin to begin.... use the link here

That's all for right now, this list is only of projects I have used and can confirm are safe for everyone, I hope you all can enjoy just as much as I have/am!