February 4, 2020

API Update 1.0

Hey there its official

So its ya boy Phil at it again with a cool update,
ive taken it upon myself to take over the API portion of the bot (sometimes unless aj does something)

New Additions

  • Cpsfury and Crates api endpoint
  • Missing "upgrades/purchases" inside the purchase endpoint
  • description in profile api endpoint
  • EmbedColor in profile api endpoint


  • Removal of the Rkey api endpoint

Reason of the Rkey endpoints removal was due to the fact that it was a security flaw that i noticed and have promptly moved it into the cf!api command i.e

"cf!api reset" it will dm you and prompt you that its been reset.

along with this update being live ill have started writing documentation for the API
and have promptly been updating the official javascript library for the API.

and with that done... :)