There's quite a few, so I recommend paying attention in this section.

General Concepts

  • Cash payments cannot be received without enabling gifting
  • Gems cannot currently be spent
  • Enabling gifting removes you from the leaderboards
  • Only cash can be sent to other players


What is listed in [] are required parameters, but what is listed in () is optional.

[1] profile (user)
- Loads a profile embed
[2] cash (user)
- Loads a smaller embed with $$$ based currencies
[3] pay [user]
- Sends cash to another player

Available Currencies

  • Cash - Can be spent on items, and upgrades
  • Gems - Generated by workers for the leaderboard
  • Lifecoins - Cannot be spent or lost, boost overall CPS
  • Points - Used in the Digital Store

Current Abbreviations

  • CPS - Cash per Second
  • CPM - Cash per Message
  • GPS - Gems per Second
  • MPS - Typers per Second

Sending Cash // Gifting

Any player is able to send cash to another player without enabling gifting, however the player receiving the cash must have gifting enabled.

Don't worry about accidentally enabling gifting. A prompt will be pulled up that explains what will occur if you enable gifting.

Once you have enabled gifting the only way to turn it off is to perform a complete reset.