These don't have a lot of documentation, but it's still important to know the basis for progressing!

General Concepts

  • All items reset on Rebirth
  • To unlock an item you must buy at least 5 of the one before it
  • Items cannot be sold
  • Items cannot be traded
  • Items east have their own CPS values


What is listed in [] are required parameters, but what is listed in () is optional

[1] buy (page)
- Lists all the items to purchase
[2] buy [name] (amount)
- Purchases the amount of the item of choice


Each item unlocked is of a higher "level" than the previous. Lower level items are considered to be Brewer to Press, while Higher level items are considered to be Pitcher to Radio


If you want to increase the CPS of an item, try looking at the Starter and Experienced upgrades.