Misc Topics

The topics listed here didn't require/warrant their own page!

General Topics

  • Voting perks last for 24h after voting
  • Family mode is for PG13 Discord servers/communities
  • Leaderboards have a few different types


What is listed in [] are required parameters, but what is listed in () is optional

[1] Vote
- Brings up the vote link in chat
[2] Familymode [on/off]
- Toggles Family Mode on or off
[3] Leaderboard (page) (-type)
- Flips between leaderboard pages
- Types: -cps, -cpm, -gems, -cash, -msg, -items, -upgrades, -lifecoins


Voting is done via Bots For Discord. You can vote daily, and the votes reset at 12am EST.

The perks you obtain on Cafe from voting range from crates to points. If a vote is successful you will get a 24h CPS boost, and some crates- these will be sent in a DM.

The vote boost is currently 1.25x during the week, and 2x on the weekends. These follow EST times.

Family Mode

Family mode allows profile descriptions to be hidden, along with leaderboard names and or custom names from being pulled up.


These update in real time and are the primary way to monitor progress of others. Those who enable gifting will no longer show on the leaderboards.