Newcomer Guide

Hey there! This newcomer guide will help you understand the basics of Cafe. Whether you choose to passively or actively play, you can rest assured your cafe will be hard at work for you!

The default prefix is: cf!

If you ever need to refresh yourself on our commands, simply use: cf!help

If you would like a full list of all our available commands, please click here to be taken to our Documentation.

When it comes to Cafe, there is an abbreviation that you will want to familiarize yourself with:

  • CPS - Cash per Second

Create your cafe!

To create your cafe, you will want to do the following command: cf!create

After you do that, you will be prompted to select which team you would like to join! Each team offers their own unique perk that is claimable every two days.

Once your cafe is created, you will want to start looking at buying items. In Cafe, items are one of the most important aspects of income generation there is. Items are important because they increase your CPS (Cash Per Second).

Leaderboards and Teams

Now that you're a part of a team, you can help your team by completing daily challenges! These challenges refresh every 24h and requires your team to participate! Make sure that you keep tabs on what challenges are available for your team to complete - each completed task awards your team points. The team with the highest points stands at the top of the leaderboards!

Items and Upgrades

Items aren't all unlocked at once in your Cafe. In order to buy the next available item, you must have at least 5 of the previous item. Items are non-refundable, non-transferable, and have their own CPS values. When you are looking to buy items, this will be the go-to command for you: cf!b <itemname>

Starting off, simply do cf!b brewer and you will have purchased your first item. As you meet requirements to purchase higher level items, you will also notice that they will reward you with much higher CPS per item. You can purchase as many items as you want - so long as you have the funds to buy them! As you accumulate more of the same type of item, the price to purchase the same one will start to increase as well so be careful! Being smart with how you spend your money is very important.

Upgrades are powerful additions that you can purchase to add to your own cafe. This also means that they have their own requirements that must be met in order to purchase them. They can help boost the base CPS of your items, increase your luck, and more! Like items, you can purchase as many upgrades as you want to increase their overall impact on your cafe. Starting off, you will only have access to one upgrade. For you to unlock more upgrades, you will want to rebirth! Be warned though - by purchasing more upgrades, not only will their price increase, but some upgrades will also provide diminishing returns!

Market and Gambling

The market is a very important aspect of your cafe! In order to participate in market trades, you will want to make sure that hire yourself Crew so that they can collect loot for you! The market refreshes every hour and offers a wide variety of buffs, items, credits, and more!

Gambling is a fun way for you to test if lady luck stands with you! Cafe offers two ways for you to play. You can either play coinflip or the lottery. Coinflip is available for anyone to play and only requires you to have the cash you're willing to bet. When it comes to the lottery, entry requires credits, and you can enter 3 times per lottery!


Powerups are helpful passive effects that you can use for your cafe! Some take effect when you are gone for long periods of time and come back, others just have a more direct boost! Powerups have their own requirements to unlock, like items and upgrades. When choosing which powerup you want for your cafe, make sure you choose carefully, because you will not be able to switch powerups for 2 days after you pick one!

Rebirth and Prestige

As you continue to purchase items and upgrades for your cafe, you will eventually want to rebirth! In order to rebirth, you will have to make sure that you meet the requirements to do so. This requirement is based on your total Collective Cash. Rebirthing will completely reset your cash, items, and almost all of your upgrades that you have purchased. But by doing so, you will unlock more upgrades for you to purchase for your cafe. The command to rebirth is cf!rebirth

When it comes to Prestige in cafe, it also requires you to meet a collective cash amount, but it is a much higher total. By prestiging, you will completely wipe everything off of your cafe. The reward for prestiging is a Time Dialation Gamma in which time moves faster for you! When you prestige, it will increase the rate at which you generate cash much faster than someone who hasn't. If you feel ready to take this step, or you want to check your progress, just do this command: <cf!prestige>


There are two main types of currency in Cafe - with them respectively being cash, and credits.

  • Cash - Can be used to purchase items or upgrades
  • Credits - Currency that is used in the store, lottery, and crew

Need more help?

This just about sums up our Newcomer Guide to running your very own Cafe! If you are confused, would like a little bit more help, or even looking for tips and tricks from experienced veterans, join our server below! We will be more than happy to help you.