There are currently only 5 powerups, but all are very powerful (I'm sorry)

General Concepts

  • Only 1 powerup can be active at a time
  • You can only toggle a powerup every 2 days, on or off
  • Powerups will reset on Rebirth


What is listed in [] are required parameters, but what is listed in () is optional.

[1] powerups
- Lists all powerups
[2] powerup [name]
- This will toggle the powerup on or off

Available Powerups

Blended - Reduces CPM by 50%, and boosts CPS by 50%

  • Always unlocked

Swirled - Disables CPM and boosts CPS by 150%

  • Unlocks after hitting 3M CPS

Addict - Reduces item cost by 25%, and increases upgrade cost by 100%

  • Unlocks after hitting 500k items

Mixed - Reduces CPS and CPM by 75%, and reduces upgrade and item cost by 50%

  • Unlocks after 2nd rebirth

Opening - When coming back after 6h, you gain a 3.5x CPS boost for 1 hour

  • Always unlocked