Feel like you are stuck? Try rebirthing! Read more below, and I recommend reading carefully.

General Concepts

  • The first 5 rebirths have a boosted lifecoin amount
  • Rebirthing wipes your account, minus a few things
  • It's good to wait a bit for your first rebirth
  • It cannot be rolled back


[1] Rebirth
- Initiates the rebirth process

What are Lifecoins?

Visit the Currency page for more information

What is Reset?

  • All items
  • All currencies (except gems, and lifecoins)
  • All stats
  • Unlocked powerups
  • All upgrades (except Starter, Experienced, and Reborn)

What is Kept?

  • Gems
  • Lifecoins
  • Starter and Experienced upgrades
  • Achievements
  • Points/Digital Store based perks
  • Profile Descriptions and other settings
  • Crates