Gameplay Rules

With the new revamp comes some rules to keep things going smoothly.

Rule One

There is to be no usage of external bots to create a system that allows for an advancement in gameplay. This applies to Discord bots that use Embed Scraping to collect player information and calculate what is predicted to be the "best" course of action.
The creation OR use of these bots or websites is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from the game.

A Google Sheet, or Excel document is an exception to this, as long as it doesn't rely on Discord Embed scraping, or other Discord automation features. In other words, you must put in the work if you use anything to optimize progression.

Rule Two

Any racism, homophobia, transphobia, islamphobia + antisemitism, etc in the Discord Server, will result in a permanent ban. Furthermore, I (AJ) reserve the right to outright ban someone for making racist or homophobic remarks anywhere I happen to be within. This means that if I happen to catch remarks as mentioned above, and you happen to be a player, you will be banned. I will not tolerate players who cannot be a decent human being. That's not the type of person I work to create entertainment for.

Rule Three

Trading of real world items or currency is not advised. Anyone caught scamming for real world currency or items will be banned, however I will not provide compensation to those who fall for a scam.

Rule Four

The usage of the profile command to stalk users, or closely monitor their activity with malicious intent is strictly prohibited, and if the situation happens to be between an adult and a minor, the appropriate authorities will be contacted. I will do everything in my power to protect all players of the game, especially minors. The usage of profile viewing to check on competition is entirely allowed, and encouraged however, but anything with malicious intent, if caught, will result in a permanent ban, and again, the potential involvement of the appropriate authorities. Essentially, don't be a creep, and don't be stupid.

Rule Five

The usage of Autotypers, such as AutoHotKey is strictly prohibited. They are against the ToS from Discord, and will not be allowed. Usage of these tools will result in a possible temporary ban, or a permanent one depending on the length of time used.

Rule Six

Chargebacks or false information used in the store to attempt to gain access to perks and store items without payment will result in a permanent ban. If found to have used a card or account without the owners permission, will result in a permanent ban depending on the situation and severity.

Rule Seven

Excessive spamming of the bot will result in a temporary ban, and if the spamming is an attempt to slow the bot, or even crash the bot, all accounts involved will be both permanently banned, and reported to Discord for breaching the Terms of Service regarding the usage of API linked applications.

Rule Eight

The usage of alts of any type is strictly forbidden. Please use only 1 account. The usage of alts will result in the alt being banned, and potentially the primary account as well.

Rule Nine

Moderators and Admins have all rights to punish as they see fit. Just because something isn't listed within the rules, doesn't mean it may not be wrong, or disallowed. Use common sense.


Don't be stupid. Use your brain, and no automation systems. Oh, and have fun!