There are two types- player, and guild. Each allow you to customize your gameplay.

General Concepts

  • Settings do not reset on rebirth
  • Player settings work across guilds
  • Guild settings can only be handled by Discord server admins


What is listed in [] are required parameters, but what is listed in () is optional.

[1] achievementsetting
- Guild setting: Toggles off achievement get messages
[2] cratesetting
- Guild setting: This will toggle the crate found messages
[3] criticalsetting
- Guild setting: Toggles off critical message notifications
[4] setprefix
- Guild setting: Changes the bots prefix
[5] guildset
- Views the current guilds settings
[6] settag
- Sets a custom user tag (instead of Discord tag)
[7] setdescription [text]
- Changes your profile description (300 char max)
[8] setcolor [hexcode]
- Changes the color of embed messages [Premium]
[9] togglewelcome
- Toggles the welcome back message on, or off