January 13, 2020

Unplanned Downtime

Hey everyone! So with the release of 1.2 testing was done and only 1 real issue arose, until I realized other issues were coming from a memory leak.

Essentially this means that the bot was running out of RAM to function properly due to a bug somewhere in the code.

Because of this leak, the Game Cache was being cleared to save memory- the issue here is that the bot needs your profile to work, and it was deleting it to save memory.

This caused issues like exponential growth, profiles displaying the wrong user, currencies being reported as null and more.

To ensure I handle this issue well, and have safeguards to issues like this in the future, I am taking the bot offline until Wednesday night.

I want to ensure I have enough time to find the issue, and fix it properly, meaning I don't rush it.

In compensation for this I'll be adding a command to receive a special gift when you next are able to use the bot.

I hope you all understand! I want to ensure I handle this properly.