December 21, 2019

Update 1.1

Yeah, it finally happened- after being postponed 1000 times.

Bug Fixes

  • :rating: Now properly shows the emoji in vote DMs
  • Fixed an issue where crates would open 4 times (but really open once)
  • Fixed votes not applying properly
  • Fixed leaderboard duplicates
  • Fixed the Starter and Experienced slowdown cap - if will drop CPS dramatically if this is what a majority of your CPS makeup is. It's normal. Was meant to happen last update.

New Additions

  • Powerups! There are currently 5 powerups, and you can read more about them in the docs page here
  • Added 5 new upgrades - Blades, Served, Lottery, Reborn, and Chatterbox - All of these can be found in the docs page here
  • Added events! The two added were CPS Fury, and Treasure Party. Both can be found in the docs page here
  • Added this splendid new website that will continue to improve over the next few months! Keep an eye out for commenting, and community posts.
  • Added numerous balancing changes that would take hours to read, just know, things do things now.
  • Added the basis for new gamemodes in the future! There will only be 1 content update in this gamemode planned for a while, so be ready for a lot of new stuff.
  • CPM can only be triggered every 8 seconds now, this is mostly because of Discord becoming tighter on spamming, which I understand.

This update is smaller than most, but I do hope you all find it to be enjoyable! Let me know what you think by pinging me or messaging me over Discord. Have fun!