February 3, 2020

Update 1.3

Sorry for the delay on this changelog!

Changes / Upgrades

  • Opening no longer requires the welcome message to be on
  • Reborn has been redone
  • Blades now affects all players equally
  • Blades on higher accounts should work better...
  • Lifecoins have a much larger effect, and become less effective once a % is reached
  • Rebirthing now gives more lifecoins for those with 5000 or less
  • Updated how luck affects crate type spawned
  • Redid the cash crates to work less on some varying parts
  • All donor crates have different times now
  • Legendary crates now give a small amount of lifecoins, best suited to players with less
  • Gems are no longer a crate option.
  • Updated the server to ubuntu 19
  • Redid the firewall settings
  • Updated Mariadb

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the buy menu loving trails of numbers
  • Fixed a bug with applying powerups
  • Fixed the display amount on critical messages (it was showing about 300% less)
  • Fixed an issue where a profile would load as null
  • Correctly store UTF-8 characters in the database
  • Updated the API so token resets should be cached correctly
  • Achievements now apply points correctly, and will display total earned
  • Points gained from achievements now scale correctly

Fixed Bug(s) Changelog

  • Points from achievements are now balanced for players further along by implementing a reduction function (not a log function)
  • Crates from the store are now either less expensive, or slightly more expensive, not a huge change but a little one
  • Tossing this in here: If you are spamming to the point where Cafe becomes ratelimited in sending messages- and you get captcha banned because of this- you will not be unbanned. Slow it down speedster.

Known Bugs -

There are currently 9 known bugs, mostly small visual bits, but when fixed I'll reach out to the reporter, and list them here. Once again, sorry for the delay on this post!