January 12, 2020

Update 1.2

Yeah surprisingly it's here (jk)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where items and upgrades would be interpreted as strings instead of int values
  • Fixed an issue where a display error caused point discrepancies
  • the Chat Bonus timer is no longer connected to the crate spawn timer


  • Donor tier 1 – 1.10x CPS bonus (is included within the vote multiplier)
  • Donor tier 2+ – 1.15x CPS bonus (is included within the vote multiplier)
  • With the change to Chat Bonus, typers are now worth 4.5x their previous value. Ie: 1 is now 4.5.
  • The "Item bonus" perk now changes based on the amount of items you are purchasing
  • The "Item bonus" perk now applies to upgrades as well.
  • Clarified powerup toggle messages
  • Factory hires now cost much less, and their increment is much lower
  • Energy and Base Factory value was buffed
  • Typer and Converters progression "slower" doesn't go into effect till much later
  • While the lifecoin formula is still a log function, lifecoins are much stronger when used in combination with the reborn upgrade.
  • Crates are worth much more now, and have a fitting bonus
  • Crate spawns were reworked

New Additions

  • Mods+ can now use the ‘sudo’ suffix to perform actions in any users name. This is for support/bug investigations, don’t fret, nobody is gonna buy millions of items in your name 😊
  • CPM now triggers every minute, and as such I am renaming it "Chat Bonus"