February 22, 2020

Update 1.4

This is a change that includes a lot of backend stuff, so there isn't a ton of new content... at least not public... :)

Changes / Upgrades

  • Reduced Crate point costs
  • Increased value of common crates
  • Crates are no longer always affected by Luck, this allows for other crates to be obtained on higher levels!
  • CPM should be worth a bit more now, and will scale better without becoming entirely obsolete.
  • Added 3 new crates- freebie, shulker, and steeped. These do not spawn, but rather are on the new page 3 of the store.
  • Added Stocks - they currently are only for Crates, and they limit the global number of crates available in the store.
  • Added the Popup gamemode. Nowhere near finished, but donors can mess around with what is there at the moment.

Bug Fixes

  • Cleared all bugs but a CPS bug that affects newly rebirthed users on the buy menu. That will be fixed in the coming days, and I'll update this post then.

Known Bugs -

None apart from the one listed above :)

Help Wanted -

I'm looking for someone, up to 2 people, who would be willing to update the site documentation for me, and in tandem with me. It's hard for me to know everything that needs to be documented as a non-player, and I often lose track of it all. Those who reach out may not be accepted, but if accepted, they will be given a monthly Chef patreon tier.