There are currently a total of 14 different upgrades, and all when used together can be very powerful!

General Concepts

  • All upgrades can be purchased infinitely, but with each purchase the price rises.
  • To unlock an upgrade you must reach a certain CPS level that will be listed in the upgrade menu.
  • You can purchase multiple of the same type at a time.


What is listed in [] are required parameters, but what is listed in () is optional.

[1] upgrades (page)
- Lists all upgrades
[2] upgrade [name] (amount)
- This will purchase the upgrade of choice

Available Upgrades

  • Typer - Increases CPM by 1
  • Converter - Makes Typer more powerful
  • Luck - Increases the chance for critical messages and crate drops
  • Starter - Boosts lower level items CPS rate
  • Experienced - Boosts higher level items CPS rates
  • Critical - Increases the reward for critical messages
  • Picks - Increases Miner production
  • Energy - Increases Factory production
  • Vote - Boosts the vote rewards slowly
  • Blades - Upgrades the power of Starter and Experienced
  • Served - Increases the chance for a CPS Fury event
  • Lottery - Increases the chance for a Treasure Party event
  • Reborn - Strengthens the effectiveness per Lifecoin
  • Chatterbox - Strengthens the power of Typer and Converter

Weakening Power

Certain upgrades will provide diminishing returns as more are purchased. Currently the upgrades that experience this are Typer, Converter, Starter, and Experienced.