June 13, 2020

Welcome to Cafe v3!

New bot, new features, more fun? That's the goal in mind.

What? What's Happening?

The bot has been given a very fresh coat of paint, with new commands, features, and numerous performance fixes. For the past 1-2 months extensive work has been done to get the bot back to a spot that feels right.

If you hadn't seen the previous post regarding the failings of Cafe, I recommend reading it here.

These changes have been made with a full reset of the bot to ensure that the game is fun, and equal for everyone. With new rules, a new leaderboard system, and new progression methods, the game has left it's stage of chaos.

What Changed?

A lot! Too much to add into this post. I recommend checking the new documentation page to see all the new topics and command changes.

Some of the most notable changes are:

  1. Rules! There are finally rules to protect the game, and it's playerbase.
  2. New leaderboard system based around collaborative progression
  3. New progression methods
  4. Removal of lifecoins and excessive bonuses
  5. New market, crate, and store systems

On top of there is no longer an API to allow for what many saw as obtaining an automated advantage. That was a large feedback point, and I listened!

What's the Plan?

The plan is to release the bot and see how things go for the first week or so, and make adjustments to features as needed. Even though there has been a large amount of testing, don't be shocked if something has to be fixed or changed!

However, the plan going forward is to maintain the bot in a way that both listens to user feedback, but also takes into account the potential harm, and benefit feedback implementation may give. Before I was too "willy nilly" in adding new features, and ultimately that killed the bot.

Furthermore, I plan to work with the new admin, Jonathan, and the players (you!) to make sure I get things right, and make sure they are going in a healthy direction. For too long most decisions fell solely on me, and that caused a number of problems, so I see nothing but good things coming from this.

Lastly, I plan to setup a monthly feedback poll on Typeform for users to fill out, so I can see from everyone what the feel surrounding gameplay is. Before I limited myself to the Discord Server, and that heavily skewed my perception of how things were going. Lesson learned.

With All That Said...

I really hope to see everyone having fun. I worked hard with Jonathan and the beta testers to ensure that the game was balanced, and entertaining for everyone without sacrificing the work needed to play. The bot is geared more towards everyone rather than a select few now, and I feel that this is a great step in the right direction and future of the project!

I hope everyone has more fun than I did making the bot work! I'll be in the Discord upon release of the bot if anyone has questions, so don't be shy to pop in and ask me anything!