Glad you found Cafe, because you've stumbled on a project of mine that I think you'll enjoy.

What is this?

Cafe is an incremental game that is breaking some boundaries when it comes to what belongs in the genre. The premise is that you work to build up your Cafe and reach the top above everyone else. Seems pretty simple right?

It Is Simple!

It works via Discord, as I am sure many of you have deduced by now. You can buy items, upgrades, and hire workers. While doing this you build yourself up, unlock achievements, unlock power-ups, and a whole lot more! It's a world of fun right within a Discord server of your choice.

Free right?

Of course it is, I'm not really greedy, and I'm really transparent because I don't believe being sneaky or shady is good for anyone. If you'd like to donate to keep things doing, there's a Patreon page that has some nice bonuses you can get every month.

Is it big?

Well, not really- not right now. But I'm working on the whole, growing it to be bigger thing. If you'd like to help out, voting boosts the bots ability to be seen and discovered, and simply spreading the word is super cool too!

Who are you?

As you could probably guess from the website URL, I'm AJ Nicoloff- a freshman at the College of Charleston- majoring in Computing in the Arts. I work on Cafe as a passion project, and it's treated me pretty well for the most part. Feel free to say hello to me on Discord, I'm not scary, or- I don't think I am.

Ready to Play?

If you aren't, take a few deep breaths, then click the Invite button above if you haven't invited the bot to a Discord server. For all the information on the game check out the Documentation button above as well.

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy!